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Städteforschung. Reihe A: Darstellungen
Herausgegeben von: Ursula Braasch-Schwersmann, Werner Freitag, Martin Kintzinger, Barbara Krug-Richter, Angelika Lampen, Eduard Mühle, Jörg Oberste, Martin Scheutz, Gerd Schwerhoff und Clemens Zimmermann

Urban Spaces and the complexity of Cities

Band 97

Urban Spaces and the complexity of Cities

Herausgegeben von: Jean-Luc Fray, Michel Pauly, Magda Pinheiro und Martin Scheutz

2018, 312 S.
55 s/w- u. 24 farb. Abb.
24 x 17 cm

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For some time the “Commission Internationale pour l’Histoire des Villes“ has been working actively on the comprehensive topic of urban space which is also the aim of this book – result of conferences in Lisbon (2013) and in Clermont-Ferrand (2014). Two thematic priorities are presented in this combined English and French speaking volume: on the one hand cultural-symbolic spaces, on the other hand complexity of urban districts which formed in spite of all diversities collective cities (such as Clermont-Ferrand). Continuous transformation of urban space and dichotomy shaped cities: Cities can be understood as space of town rulers, but also as space of a growing “bohème”, but you will find also neighbourhood of Jewish and Muslim quarters.