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Sites of Knowledge

Sites of Knowledge
The University of Vienna and its Buildings. A History 1365-2015

Herausgegeben von: Julia Rüdiger und Dieter Schweizer

2015, 382 S.
268 s/w- und farb. Abb.
28 x 21 cm

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Sites of Knowledge combines the history of the University of Vienna with the history of its buildings. The evolution of one of Central Europe"s oldest universities is laid out in essays on the Alma Mater Rudolphina from the points of view of history of architecture and of art, history of science and of the university. This history sets off from the former Duke"s College in Vienna"s inner city district of Stubenviertel and continues via the "Palace of Knowledge" on the Ringstrasse and the glass building Juridicum at Schottenbastei to more recent buildings erected in the Alsergrund district. Each of these buildings represents its own era and at the same time constitutes a lasting expression of the way the university, which is now the largest in the German-speaking realm, has actively shaped its own role.